I’m just saying…

2 John 1:12 says, “I have a lot to tell you. I don’t want to use paper and ink, but I hope to visit you and talk with you face-to-face, so that our joy can be complete.” There is not one person that can’t tell me this verse is not true. don’t look at it religiously look at it smartly. how much talking do we really do face to face? Facebook,texting, and picture taking are all things that can be abused and misunderstood. how many of you actually have been next to the person and still text them instead of speaking our message. we all have done these sorts of things one way or another and we have all used been misjudged or taking wrongly. we as people have lost so much respect for own kind because we let these “robots” to do the thinking, feeling and judgement for us. If we could only take the computers and phones away i know the way we not only treat each ourselves but each other would be so much better than how it is now. And we all know this but, will we do it? We all complain about issues like this but i guess complaining is easier than to do something about it. I guess it easier to text your kids “wyd” than actually going to see what they are doing. And i guess its easier to post a fight video than to actually run to get help. We don’t want change bad enough so lets not even complain SMH

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